Redundancy – Part III

For a while, I was wondering whether all I really needed was a break. Two weeks` leave, a 6-month Sabbatical or, after a particularly stressful day, just going off sick. I`d have as much time looking for another job, but I wouldn`t need to give up the security of the one I`ve got. But the thought of having to return filled me with dread. I wanted to get properly away, and the more I worked through all my questions and queries, the more certain I was of this matter.

I never felt I really had the time to explore other options though while still working; only letting go of my job altogether would make me actually do something about my desire for change – not least because I then have to. While still in my comfort zone, it`s just too easy not to. The more I thought about it, the more I came to see VERA (Voluntary Early Release Agreement) as a gift, a gift of time out and starting afresh without having to worry about money.

When the compensation was increased, there was no more question about what I would do. In fact, I was scared of not receiving an offer and having this door closed. Which made me think about money. Of course, I could still resign, I just wouldn`t get a package. So is it all about money, then? After some soul searching, I concluded that it is for me, and that`s fine. I`ve always been an extremely security conscious person.

Deep inside, I really want a break before getting myself another job. I have so many plans about what I would do with a break. I also thought about the importance of work in general. Where would I stand in society if I didn`t have a job? But many of my friends have been unemployed at some point, neither for very long, and neither was thought less of.

There was a scare earlier this week that I wouldn`t get redundancy, and this very fact told it all – the fact I was scared of not getting the offer. Once I had worked through all the the issues, I got quite excited about leaving. We also had more information about what the future (at work) will hold, and I was glad that I wouldn`t be part of it. Regardless of whether or not I`d get a package, I need a change, and the time is now. I may have needed pushed and enticed, but once I made up my min, not only did I feel free to go, I`m also feeling an increasing urge to.


4 thoughts on “Redundancy – Part III

  1. Vic says:

    I’m with you. We’re supposed to WORK. It’s not even an option. But once you’re made redundant, it can be a breath of fresh air. I’m loving this time off so far. I might not feel the same way if I’m still unemployed by February, but for now I’m enjoying it.

    I hope you do too!


    • culbia says:

      I`m still at work, and I cannot wait to get a break now. As soon as I was firm in my decision, I started to really, really look forward to it, to the point that I`m deliberately lazy looking to get myself another job, because I just don`t want to go straight into another job.
      How long have you been off for? I`m thinking about a break of 3 months, will probably get “itchy” by then…

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      • Vic says:

        I’ve been off for a month and I still haven’t felt “itchy”. It has actually been a huge relief to be unburdened of a job that I just didn’t really like that much.

        One thing I have noticed is that it’s not as easy to do what you’re intending to do when you’re laid off. That’s not to say I haven’t been productive, but doing a lot of extra housework and taking care of my daughter takes a huge chunk of time. So there isn’t as much time as I anticipated to look for new jobs or learn new skills. That’s something to consider. I think you said you don’t have any kids? So it might be a little easier for you. 🙂


        • culbia says:

          No, just two kittens! 🙂 If it wasn`t for them we could travel, haha! Instead, I`m planning lots of stuff in the house, get fit again and take time to cook healthy things (both slipped big time!). For ages, I`ve been wanting to write about nutrition and wellness, so now I`ll document what I`m doing for myself.

          The plan is to take the job search slowly and build in a deliberate break, while making sure not to miss anything really interesting. The more I think about it the more I want a break rather than going straight to another job. I`m so worn down, by a job which doesn`t even pay well. I, too, cannot now wait to leave.

          I`m sure looking after the wee one will take as much time and energy as all my plans, but they are important. A job is just a job (at least most of the time), but our lives, our health and our kids, that`s the things that matter. I know so many dads who cannot even be home for bedtime. They only have their kids at the weekend. I`m sure your daughter will appreciate memories of both mum and dad.

          Most people I know who became jobless and want to work were never unemployed for long. And in a couple of years this tiny little gap in a CV and earning money will become meaningless. Your job sounds like mine, anyway – like one that hasn`t given you anything back for quite some time.

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