My corset

Every time I wear my corset, I inevitably cause a discussions about women`s rights and women`d liberation. I have not forgotten what the corset represented in Victorian times, but others tend to forget that today, it represents something totally different. I feel good wearing it, even empowered in some way.


13 thoughts on “My corset

  1. Charis says:

    “I wear my corset” – you do this for medical consideration or just for a better look?

    How old is your grandma? My father is now 90 years old and thankfully not demented but it takes {a lot of} time to discuss even the simplest things with him. He says “I hear your speech and until my brain is answering and my mouth is speaking – takes a long time … ” 😀

    To leave early in the morning will get better when your way to workplace is shorter … 😉


      • culbia says:

        I never heard about the meeting again, so don`t know where the discussion is taking place if there is any. Sadly, I can no longer come – we had a lot of expenses and two new kittens who need looked after at the beginning of November and Christmas already. This was pre-booked, but I really don`t want to add any more within so short a time. My catsitter is not enjoying good health at the moment, either…


    • culbia says:

      I wear my corset as a fashion item. It`s outerwear rather than underwear and really smart, and you can wear it as tight or lose as you like. I`m certainly not suffering wearing it.

      My granny turned 87, and my granddad will turn 87 next week. Just recently, they started to deteriorate a it – her mentally and him physically.

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