Here she is, and I love this little thing so much already… I had cats all my life but never one that so instantly felt at home.

She arrived here about 5pm last night, came out of her box, had a good look around, ate something and then plaid for the rest of the day. I took her to our bed at night – didn`t expect her to stay, just wanted to show her where it is – but she lay between us and stayed, waking me up at 6am by brushing past my face, purring and wanting cuddled.

She very apparently didn`t know mirrors. It was so hard not to laugh when she was howling at her own reflection, tail all fluffed up and ears completely disappeared. I sat before the mirror and she was slowly walking round my leg, expecting the other cat behind it… I never saw anything like this outside youtube…

Oh, and she`s teaching me stuff on the computer. She walks over the key board, rearranges something, and I have to find out how to fix it: screen resolution, CRTL + ALT + (Arrow buttons). Latter is genious, though. Could do that as a prank at work…


9 thoughts on “Amber

  1. dorianhunter says:

    Daaaanke für die wunderschönen Fotos, liebe Bianca! Ein wunderschönes Katzerli! Dass sie keine Spiegel kennt, finde ich auch lustig. Aber nun wird sie ja damit vertraut..*gg*.
    Ich wünsch’ Dir und dem Kätzelchen eine gute nächste Woche!

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