Kitti is in total renal failure. We`re both heartbroken, but we agree we have to do what`s kindest to her. Vet said she could put her on a drip, but her suspicion is that she`d become unwell again as soon as they`d take her off. No. We love her too much for that. She hates being in cat hospital, and she hates going to the vet, so we asked for her to come here to her home.

I`ll be forever grateful for her long (she`s 18!) and very full life which included motherhood, mice, birds, gardens, human beds and more kisses and cuddles than most cats would ever accept. When she was 13, she survived a very aggressive cancer that we were told had an almost certain probability of recurring within 6 months. No regrets whatsoever,so I want to think of her long and happy life rather than grieving for what happens much too early for some.

Please could you not write poems, pictures and all the other things that people usually say – I know they`re well meant, but honestly, they`d be just digging in at the moment. Thank you x


5 thoughts on “Kitti

  1. nebelpferd says:

    ich kann nur noch einmal wiederholen, es tut mir so verdammt leid… klar ist es das beste für sie, aber ich hoffe wirklich ihr kommt klar. habe schon überlegt anzurufen, aber ich denke, evtl. wollt ihr heute abend einfach eure ruhe haben. ich denke an euch!


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