On Criticism II

The other day, I overheard a rather gleeful remark about someone`s weight gain. The person in question is 51 or 52 years old and has been very dainty up until, say, 2 years ago. I was wanting to say something about hormones in middle age, which will come to us all, including the speaker herself, but all others were already laughing (hopefully about her cheekiness rather than the other one`s weight), and one man, also laughing, told her off in a lighthearted manner: “You can`t say that!!”

I`m glad I didn`t need to speak. I think I would have been perceived rather differently – straight faced and matching voice. I would have retaliated and, by defending her, kept the focus on the other woman rather than shifting it to the cheeky one. I may have even redirected it towards myself, for not being able to take a joke.



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