TV, et cetera

Once upon a time, I, too, used to watch TV. I followed soaps, documentaries and even reality TV shows, and I`d often find myself stumbling onto an old Hollywood movie which I watched till late.

When we got the satellite dish, I`d watch more German telly than British, and I think that`s when I first noticed how much things had deteriorated. Shows I knew from years ago no longer were the same (or replaced by something different altogether), and it wasn`t long until I realised that British TV was no different – apart from the occasional repetition of some Hollywood movie, you could, in simple terms, forget about it. Even the documentaries I used to love were either sensationalist or repetitions.

So I stopped switching on. My husband likes to watch the news, and when those were finished, he`d just leave the telly on, paying no further attention to what it actually was that was on. Eventually, I became annoyed at the inflated cheerfulness and canned laughter and asked him to switch off once the news was over. I can`t for the life of me remember when this was, but certainly years ago. And we miss nothing.

What I do miss is small talk. I never noticed how much of the conversation at work or parties is about what`s on TV until I could no longer contribute to them. I infamously asked who Geordie Shore was.

Sometimes, I feel a little smug. But I`m on the internet a lot, highly likely consuming even more garbage because, unlike telly, there`s no pre selection through people who research what people like. I also spend a lot of time blogging, which inevitably leads to a lot of preoccupation with my own issues, including worries, while you are supposed to distract yourself.

And it`s good to sometimes just be passive and let myself be entertained. To cut a long story short, I signed up for a trial month of Netflix and vowed to blog about what I`ve been watching.

… so here it is after three weeks:

Friday 31 July: Girl Model

Documentary about a 13year old girl from Siberia who was discovered during an open casting and went to Tokyo to be a model. Awful. I kind of knew how this industry works and takes advantage of the very young, but seeing the film hit hard. People commenting on her body right in front of her, and the “apartment” she shared with another model was just a box room. The girls spend a lot of time going for castings but don`t get booked, so they earn no money and cannot pay their extortionate rent to (surprise!) their own model agency…

Monday, 3 August: (The American) The Office

Because they were only 20 mins each, I actually watched two episodes, “Diversity Day” and “Health Care”. I can`t be bothered with this. The characters are all so exaggerated, they won`t happen in real life. And my own office is far more interesting.

Nuff said. Netflix will be cancelled. At least I can say I gave telly another go in this decade.

What I am finding is that I`m reading more books again, good books, which do distract and genuinely broaden my horizon. I should blog about books now and again…


10 thoughts on “TV, et cetera

  1. Lilith says:

    Witzig, quassel ich gerade mit Lily drüber. Ich schau gar nicht fern, aber guck mir 4 Serien online an, immer dann, wenn ich Ruhe und Zeit dazu habe. Manchmal auch Wochenlang gar nicht, dann wieder gleich paar Folgen ganz gezielt am Stück.


    • culbia says:

      Das koennte ich nicht, eine Serie gucken und dann abbrechen. Wenn ich was wirklich mag und das kommt z. B. nur einmal die Woche, dann bin ich so ungeduldig, dass ich lieber auf das DVD Set warten und alles in einem Rutsch gucken wuerde…


      • Lilith says:

        Das habe ich bei TWD so gemacht, alle Staffeln fast nonstop durchgeguckt. Hat aber einen Nachteil: irgendwann hat man alles geguckt und kann sich nicht mehr freuen und ich liebe Vorfreude sehr. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Howto$tuffYourPig says:

    Reading (books) is my preference. In fact, I usually have several going at once. I think television has gone downhill and I hardly ever watch it. The only time I turned it on today was to watch the stock ticker. Excited stuff right?! Lol! ☺


  3. susanne49 says:

    wir gucken auch sehr wenig TV mittlerweile. Ich allerdings meine daily Soap, auch wenn die immer mehr ins Lächerliche abrutscht. Aber da kann ich so herrlich entspannen. Wenn ich abends mal zappe, finde ich es furchtbar was zu sehen ist. Jetzt gibts ne Datingshow wo die alle nackt sind. Was soll denn noch kommen um Zuschauer an die Geräte zu locken?


  4. twinkletoes says:

    I barely watch regular telly anymore either. If anything, I watch stuff on “catch up” and skip the ads. We’re on Netflix and we watch enough on it to justify the £4.99. We usually watch Crime box sets or something. Currently I’m into “Orange is the new black”, but whatever it is: I don’t watch telly everyday.

    However, I would probably struggle without the internet even for a day, I must admit …


    • culbia says:

      Good on you – you said you`d try (to watch less telly!)

      I, too, would struggle without the internet – I`ve been known to spend ridicilous amounts of money just to be able to connect on holiday rather than be patient and wait for a WiFi-Hotspot. So no reason to feel smug 🙂


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