Why I Wear The Same Thing Every Day

Could you imagine wearing (just about) the same clothes every single day?

I love the theory of it and agree with every single point of this blog (below), but right now, fashion is too much part of my identity and far too enjoyable for me to give it up unless I absolutely had to.

When I was at school I wished we had a uniform so we`d all be alike and noone would be bullied. Another situation where I would want a uniform (for all or just me) would be if I was very old or very big, in short – where I felt I could not partake in the competition I`d rather there was none. I`m not one who needs to win, but I wouldn`t like to come last every single day.

Right now, I`m grateful that I can afford great clothes in terms of budget, body and age, and yes, I do get a buzz from getting positive comments on my appearance.

Im also in my 40ties now and realise that the days where I can wear most things will come to their natural end in about 10 years` time, so I want to make the most of that freedom for as long as I still possess it.

Half Banked

I wear the same thing to work every day, and it’s the best. It’s also turned out to be a hugely frugal decision, even given that I bought five new shirts to kick off the experiment.

A few months ago, there was a resurgence of those articles about powerful people who have a “work uniform” of their own choosing. Whether it was Mark Zuckerburg and his grey t-shirts or Barack Obama and his blue or grey suits, everyone featured in these articles in some way credited it with reducing their daily stress and decision-making, allowing them to focus on the bigger picture and save their decision-making power for things that really mattered.

The articles also tended to feature a lot of men, which is why when I saw the feature in Harper’s Bazaar about a woman, working in advertising, who had adopted the work uniform strategy, I was…

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2 thoughts on “Why I Wear The Same Thing Every Day

  1. twinkletoes says:

    Yes, I can totally relate to that. If I’d hung around working in an office for much longer, I might have had a go. Most people don’t notice or care what others wear. Most of my wardrobe is now denim, navy, white, black. That helps.


    • culbia says:

      I suppose adopting a work uniform is a long term project. I honestly couldn`t see myself going from super fashionable to black and white and then back again – at least not in the same job, for I`m sure as soon as you change your dress style that drastically people would notice indeed. If I changed jobs and went to work with all different people, I could see myself changing my image if I had a reason to.

      It`s weird how pressurised I feel by my own image. My dress sense is very much part of this, which makes me feel that I need to keep up with others` expectations. If I changed jobs, they`d be no expectations, and I could re-invent myself any way I wanted, even to Jeans, T-Shirt and Jesus sandals, and eventually, I`d feel weird wearing fashionable little dresses because it would no longer be the norm.

      So to speak, I`m already wearing a uniform which is – well, fasionable little dresses! Ha! I`m already doing it! Glad we talked about it 🙂


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