It was 1985…

… and I was on holiday, for the second time of my life, ever. It was a trip for youngsters which was organised by the local church, and it went to the beach, to the North Sea. It wasn`t all good (there was some bullying by the bigger boys, kitchen duty and lots of compromising), but it was very, very exciting. We went to the beach every day and into the water, did excursions in the dark and ate a lot of spaghetti with tomato sauce. I slept in a tent with about 10 other girls, and sometimes, boys visited during the night and I was asked not to tell anyone, so I felt important holding a secret.

I was 10 years old – old enough to love a song but not quite interested in who sung it. Music was everywhere – Hans Zimmer, and Bananarama (“She`s got it, your baby she`s got it – I`m your venus, I`m your fire…”), who I loved. I performed it with two others on the last night. But my favorite was another one. It seemed to be everywhere, but eventually, it was gone and I never found out who it was. It didn`t feel that important. I`m sure there was a new favourite soon.

I finally came across it today, 30 years later, via suggested links by youtube. I always liked Falco, so I clicked it, and there it was:

I recognised it instantly and still adore it! I just listened to every version I could find on youtube, finally downloaded his “Best of”-Album (which I thought about for ages) and can`t wait to go running to it tomorrow…

Honest to God, how good was Falco? Died far too young, few months older than I am now…


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