A very warm welcome…

…to my new blog.

I can honestly say that I was only party upset when my previous host announced its closure yesterday. I have been blogging there since 9 years and built very meaningful offline relationships; however there were several aspects of my very active life there that I had started to question.

Ideas were had as to what I should and should not do about it, but so far, I kept postponing to put them into practice. But here’s the perfect start – the decision has been taken out of my hands; if I’m to keep blogging, I’ll have to start afresh, although I sincerely hope for at least some of the old crowd to join me here.

Starting afresh means my online me will change, but, of course, I’m still the same silly me underneath and can be contacted elsewhere any time. I’d love that, in fact.

Because I’ve been thinking about this anyway, I also decided to leave start immediately and write here from now on.

Thank you for your loyalty, and an especially warm welcome to all my new readers.


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